Subject: A Hatred of Mine.

I am sadly a man filled with a hefty amount of hatred and spite. I know this to be the case, and I can usually keep it very much under wraps, so to speak. However, there is one subject that I cannot hold myself together on, and that is the subject of pedophilia. If you admit to being a "MAP" or any other sense and flavor of pedophilia, I will throw your body into the ocean.

That is all.

Subject: Spying Software From School

This is sort of related to online school, seeing that it has to do with school and the devices they give you. I have noticed that whenever you do ANYTHING outside of school on your chromebooks, this spyware that they pay hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to use is keeping an eye on you at all times. Every time you open up YouTube so you can watch something for class? The KGB is watching you, comrade. Every time you look up stupid shit because there's nothing else to do? Stalin is watching. Every time you sneeze? Они смотрят на тебя, мой друг! Every little thing you do is being watched by this A.I. that has been programmed by some neckbeards who will never feel the touch of anyone but their waifu in their dreams programmed these to be as creepy as possible.

And they did a fantastic job in that regard.

Subject: Virtual School

I'm now mainly in person, with one day virtual, but I despised virtual school, especially in the beginning. It's the same reason I hate video calls and even phone calls; you aren't talking to the person you're talking to in the same way that you would face-to-face, there's that disconnect there. At least with phone calls or Discord calls without video I can be in my pajamas not caring, but with Zoom calls you have to have your camera on (except with one class), so you can't get away with looking like a cave troll. My first ever Zoom call I didn't know we had to have our cameras on. Now, you have to understand that this was back in may of last year, so I only sort of knew what Zoom was. I came into that call for Health class with my hair in a greasy ponytail, wearing a nasty undershirt, unshaven for two weeks so I had a really patchy beard; We had two weeks of spring break and I didn't shave for those two weeks. I came into that class looking like a damn Discord mod and the class snickered at me, except for the few who were in the same boat as me.
Another thing; it is so EASY to get distracted during virtual learning. I already have a shit attention span in class, my dog barking at every single car passing by, my little sister screaming about whatever, and my mom playing music to drown everything out for herself definitely doesn't help with that. I swear to god it's like doing orbital mechanics in your head while in a daycare. Why can't everyone shut up? I'm trying to write a fucking essay.

Subject: A Test

This is a rant about a test, but it's also a test of formatting. See what I did there?
Anyways, I have a test in math today and got me thinking about what's wrong with school testing. The biggest thing that I think what's wrong it the absence of resources. You have some paper and maybe a calculator, if the teacher is nice. The lack of resources for doing math isn't what we'll be facing in the world outside of school in the modern day; basically everyone can get their hands on a calculator for what, 5 bucks? It's ridiculous how cheap these materials are nowadays. Now, calculators becoming widespread is a very recent event; The first ever digital handheld calculator was only invented 54 years ago, and it was ludicrously expensive, but they're now everywhere. Smartphones, computers, and even shitty little smartwatches are everywhere. Also, the internet, also known as the collective knowledge of the modern world as we know it, can be accessed by almost everyone. I understand why, however, the school system still makes you do it by hand; it's to make sure you have it in your head and so you can understand the concept completely.

Even though I understand it doesn't mean it doesn't piss me off.